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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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There For You (TFU) is foundation formed by people of Ludhiana. It is group of young positivists to help make a sustainable planet.It helps young minds to have love and compassion for their planet.It has various motives to help the TERRA FLORA FAUNA US.

It helps Terra by encouraging people not to use plastic bags and also how to preserve rain water.It helps Flora as we recently did drive on seed bombs-the new generation bombs.It helps Fauna as we have introduced PAW MOBILE VAN which helps stray animals.It is helping US-THE HUMANS by taking initiative by teaching underprivileged kids.

When I was born I was given a ball, that ball was green and blue,

My mother said share and take good care as it belongs to others too….

Now our world is not so green anymore… somewhere there are black holes

Somewhere it rains more , Some places are hot like a boiling pot

Somewhere people freeze as there are no trees….

A world without plastic would be so fantastic

Take care of what you throw away …

Most will remain in the world in which you stay….

If I were you I would go green and blue and never let droughts come near,

A treeless earth is my biggest fear…

It fills my eyes full of tears …..

We should not let our ego come in the way of being eco friendly. We should all take a pledge to take care of our mother earth. By taking small steps we can keep our mother EARTH neat and clean.



I am an ordinary girl,

My hair is full of curl,

My mind is full of rhymes,

I have a handsome brother who always cries,

I hate telling lies.

This the way my parents are full of love and care for me,

My nights are full of beautiful dreams.

My dreams are like T.V screens.

My life is full of flying colours,

My parents are just like god for me.

I thank god for everything and everyone I got.

I love them all a lot.


SLANG-The New Language

New gen (generation) has brought many new changes in the world . And one such huge change is the change in our language.People no longer want to use long words.Its just yesterday’s talk. We want everything instant like instant Maggie noodles.All they wanna use is the slang language.

Slang-So slang is basically a very informal way of referring to things. This type of language is mostly used in texts but know people have started using it in their talks.

Here are some most commonly used slangs:-

LOL-Laugh out loud and also Lots of love

YOLO– You only live once

TTYL-Talk to you later

BAE-Before anyone else

IRL-In real life

AMA-Ask me anything

GN-Good night

DM-Direct message

NM-Nothing much

FOMO-Fear of missing out

Though everyone thinks that using these slangs make us a COOL DUDE but it has its bad effects. Children have started using these slangs in their examinations.They are not able to understand the proper English language. Children have started using this language as a tool to talk so that their elders are not able to understand it. As a result of these activities our English Language has been spoilt’

As it is said excess of everything is bad. We can use use slang language but in a limit. We should all take care that slangs should not affect our English Language. As rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi that “Be the change,you want to see in others” for the betterment of our future we should be the ones bringing the change.


Now we are living in the era of smart television . For everyone Tata sky and dish – T.V. is yesterdays talk. Technology has taken over many small areas / industries, one such industry is entertainment and television which has adapted technology in such a way that we don’t have to wait for our favorite television shows anymore we can see it anytime anywhere in a cheaper price than dish T.V.

There is a vast difference between modern and conventional television that I the user of both of has faced. I feel that modern televisions are very easy to access . The shows that are only launched in America can also be seen now at the same time in INDIA . A variety of movies has come up for all age groups . Its a good time pass for everyone including TEENAGERS . While we had Tata sky the movies we missed seeing in theaters , we had to wait for 2 to 3 months but now after these apps/websites have come up and they launch the movies within 25 days of release . All the shows are on these apps , so no one has to wait for them to come on the television . Overall these apps costs us less than a dish – T.V. did .

Now a days children of age groups 10 – 15 are giving tags to each other that if you do not have Netflix or Amazon Prime you are not cool . That is the the reason many children are outcasted and they get under peer pressure . I also think that these new apps are tearing families apart , nobody has time for anyone and when they are free they watch web series or movies on these apps and do not spend quality time with each other . And many people have started spending time with their family by seeing a web series / movies together . Though they are close but they only know what is going in the web series / movies but not what is going in the other person’s heart.

Modern Tv Post Image 1

Now, I would like to conclude by saying excess of everything is bad . If you want to use these apps you have to use them in a limit . We should spend more time with our family rather than spending that that time with our television.

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